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Certification bodies

Gunnebo relies on reputable and experienced, international certification bodies to guarantee the accurate execution of testing and certification processes.

Gunnebo’s safe storage products and solutions are rigorously tested by international and independent test institutes and certified by reputable and experienced, international certification accreditation bodies to guarantee the highest level of security.

In order to certify the security level of a product, an information plate is adhered to the inside of the product. This provides our customers with the guarantee that the product has been rigorously tested and successfully passed the test in a test environment that has been checked and approved by the certifying body. Gunnebo is using the following certification bodies for the accreditation of its products:

ECB•S – European Certification Body GmbH

RI.SE – The Research Institutes of Sweden

SBSC – The Swedish Fire and Safety Certification

CNPP – Centre national de prévention et de protection

UL – Underwriters Laboratories

VdS – Verband der Sachversicherer

BIS – Bureau of Indian Standards