Safe Deposit Lockers

Mechanical safe deposit lockers

Safe deposit lockers with manual or electronical locking options, offering high protection for valuables

Offer your clients a secure way to store their valuables inside your premise

Mechanical safe deposit lockers are a reliable way for many clients to securely store their valuables. With Gunnebo you can have your mechanical SDLs designed to your specific aesthetic and functional needs while still ensuring the highest level of bank security standards

  • Physical attacks protection

    Approved in accordance with stringent bank security standards

  • Efficiency at the workplace

    Mechanical and connected electronic lock to optimise visiting routines

  • Maximise space

    Optimise the space inside your vault room

  • Customer loyalty

    Attractive design that enhances your brand image, while security is assured

SafeStore 2000C

Secure, high-quality safe deposit lockers

Storage for valuables that adapts to your space, with appealing design features

SafeStore 2000C

SafeStore 3000F

Mechanical safe deposit lockers in a unique security design

Ensure safety of valuables while meeting your specific needs for various storage requirements

SafeStore 3000F
We wanted to have a number of safe deposit lockers that are large enough for our customers to store bulkier items, such as works of art

// Patrick Iskin, Champs-Elysées Balzac Branch Director, HSBC France

 Application areas

Office building
Office buildings