• High-Security Server Cabinets
      High-Security Server Cabinets

      A range of cabinets which protects sensitive IT equipment from attack

    • High-Security Locks
      High-Security Locks

      Electronic locks for safes, strong rooms and vault doors to provide maximum protection

    • Automated Safe Deposit Lockers
      Automated Safe Deposit Lockers

      Automated self-service systems based on robotised technology that takes safe deposit lockers to a new level

    • Mechanical Safe Deposit Lockers
      Mechanical Safe Deposit Lockers

      Safe deposit lockers with manual or electronical locking options, offering high protection for valuables

    • Strong Rooms
      Strong Rooms

      High-security enclosures for business valuables to guarantee protection against burglary, fire or explosives

      Strong rooms
    • Vault Doors
      Vault Doors

      High-security vault doors for business valuables to guarantee protection against burglary or explosives

    • Safes

      Graded safes, fire-resistant cabinets, deposit safes and storage cabinets for the home and the office

    • Banks

      Secure and efficient storage with self-service safe deposit lockers, ATM safes, modular vaults and deposit safes

      the bank1920x1080
    • Retail

      A complete offering of cash safes, deposit safes and security cabinets with different levels of protection

    • High-Risk Industry
      High-Risk Industry

      Solutions to ensure physical protection and prevent sabotage and cyber attacks

    • Home and Residential
      Home and Residential

      Solutions to secure your valuables at home and when travelling

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      Get to Know Us

      Read about our commitment to be experts in our field and how we got to where we are today.

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      Our Culture

      Find out why Gunnebo Safe Storage is an environment where you can thrive.

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      Core Values

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Safe storage for retail


A complete offering of cash safes, deposit safes and security cabinets with different levels of protection.

Safe storage solutions for retailers

The Safe Storage solutions for retailers comprise safes and security cabinets 
with certified burglary, explosive or fire resistance 
for the storage of products, cash and confidential documents. These products supply 
specific features that are perfectly adapted to retail working routines.

Protection in line with insurance provider's ratings

Next to storing and securing valuable products and documents, retailers also have the need to keep their cash deposits safe and protected in their work environment up to their insurance provider's ratings: Amongst many safe storage solutions for retailers, Gunnebo also offers deposit safes under the Chubbsafes brand, which are providing certified burglary protection up to highest certification levels.

Burglary protection certified to highest standards

For centuries, cash has been the most used and most widely accepted form of payment in the world. Retailers process large amounts of cash and need a reliable solution that empowers employees to confidently and securely handle banknotes and cash deposits. Gunnebo offers solutions through their safes brand Chubbsafes and Hamilton, that provide burglary protection that is certified to the highest standards. 

Retail security during a crisis
In the current pandemic:

How should retailers and restaurants approach security during a crisis?

Key benefits of deposit safes

Especially under the Chubbsafes brand, Gunnebo offers a variety of solutions for retailers, from simple and compact units for under-the-counter use at tills or in offices, via deposit safes ensuring the best in burglary protection for on-site cash to safes and security cabinets to securely store products and documents.

  • anti-fishing
    Anti-fishing device

    An anti-fishing device prevents deposits from being removed once deposited into the deposit chute

  • Operate remotely
    Operate remotely

    Ideal for retail outlets operating remotely from central areas and in multi-shift or out of-hours environments where key holders are not always available

  • Safe deposit
    Safe deposits

    Securely holds cash without the need for the safes to be opened

Safes offering by brand

  • Chubbsafes Globally marketed Robust and reliable safes for the home and office.
    Go to the website
  • Hamilton Marketed in USA and Canada State of the art manufacturing combined with old-world craftsmanship. Go to the website
  • Steelage Marketed in India, Middle East and Africa No fuss. Just solid, value-for-money safes. Go to the website