Customer Cases

  • ACR Successful cooperation for installing giant-size strong rooms for controlled drugs Gunnebo has worked closely with ACR and its pharmaceutical clients on numerous projects and supplied some of the largest strong rooms in the UK. Read full story
  • BCC Castellana Grotte Differentiating services through Gunnebo’s Automated Safe Deposit Locker solutions BCC Castellana Grotte was seeking to offer a modern safe deposit locker service, but without physically expanding the branch. Read full story
  • Caisse d'Epargne France Many benefits to attract customers A truly innovative solution which ensures total security and confidentiality when accessing valuables and does not require the presence of bank staff. Read full story
  • Banca Di Cavola E Sassuolo Unique selling point for banks A solution to stand out from competitors by offering innovative banking services and making use of the very latest technology for storing items of value. Read full story