• Banks

      Secure and efficient storage with self-service safe deposit lockers, ATM safes, modular vaults and deposit safes

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    • High-End Retail
      High-End Retail

      A comprehensive portfolio of safe storage solutions to protect and store raw materials, semi-finished products and finished luxury items.

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    • High-Risk Industry
      High-Risk Industry

      Solutions to ensure physical protection and prevent sabotage and cyber attacks

    • Home and Residential
      Home and Residential

      Solutions designed to prevent a burglary of smaller, easily transportable items, such as jewellery, car keys, passports, ID cards and other documents relating to an identity

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    • Pharmaceutical Industry
      Pharmaceutical Industry

      Solutions to secure controlled drugs and special medication that need to be safely stored in strong rooms or security cabinets

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    • Private Safe Deposit Operators
      Private Safe Deposit Operators

      Fully automated and mechanical safe deposit locker systems including the most modern authentication technology

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    • Security standards
      Security standards

      Discover the security standards met by Gunnebo safe storage products, guaranteeing that they not only meet our customers’ security expectations but also comply with respective insurance ratings.

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    • Certification bodies
      Certification bodies

      Familiarise yourself with the independent certification bodies responsible for overseeing the accurate execution of testing and certification procedures for Gunnebo’s safe storage products.

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    • Manufacturing certifications
      Manufacturing certifications

      Discover how we prioritise sustainability as a core value, establishing rigorous benchmarks for our products, employee working conditions, and the environment we inhabit.

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    • T2 Certification
      T2 Certification

      Explore the updated standard for certifying strong rooms and vault doors, now incorporating more powerful tools to ensure high burglary resistance.

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      About Gunnebo Safe Storage

      Learn more about our mission and vision, our solutions and where we operate.

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      Working for Gunnebo

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      Gunnebo Innovation Hub

      In 2021 Gunnebo launched a global Innovation Hub located on the campus of the Universitá degli Studi di Bari Aldo Moro in Bari, Southern Italy.

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  • Insights
Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

Safe storage solutions to safely store controlled drugs and special medications in strong rooms or security cabinets

Safe storage solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

Gunnebo’s safe storage solutions for the pharmaceutical industry consist of strong rooms and vault doors, certified safes and cabinets, as well as electronic high-security locking systems to manage a network of electronic safe locks.

Gunnebo specialises in certified strong room solutions (also known as vault rooms or vaults) for logistics companies working in the pharmaceutical industry and is able to design and build vaults with exceptionally tall modules, reaching a total height of 15 metres. Particularly in the UK, where controlled drugs need to be kept in strong rooms, Gunnebo is a preferred partner.  

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Teaser Strong rooms

Strong Rooms

High-security enclosures for controlled drugs and special medications to guarantee protection against physical attacks, core-drills or explosives.

Teaser Vault doors

Vault Doors

Impenetrable strong room doors provide high security protection and exceptional, lightweight performance.

Teaser high-security locks

High-Security Locking Systems

Certified, high-security electronic locks and locking systems for strong rooms and vault doors to provide maximum protection.

ForceGuard in Lab

Security Cabinets

Fire and burglary resistant security cabinets for the protection of special medication, raw materials or important documents.

ACR customer case
We have been specifying Gunnebo’s custom-made controlled drug strong rooms for over 20 years. From feasibility stage to handover, their professionalism and customer service is excellent.

// Simon Robinson, MD of ACR, United Kingdom

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A free guide for the pharmaceutical industry

What to take into account when planning a strong room for controlled drugs.