Centurion RD

Burglary-resistant round vault door, certified as Grade X-XII

Vault doors with certified protection against burglary and for resistance against powerful diamond-core drill bits (certified by CD classification), both by ECB•S and UL.

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Introduction to Centurion-RD

The iconic round vault door provides the highest levels of security

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An iconic round vault door that is withstanding the severest break-in attacks


The Centurion round doors have been tested and certified as Grades X-XII by the ECB•S in accordance with EN 1143-1, the European standard for burglary protection. This standard covers attacks from a variety of tools, including crowbars, high-powered disc cutters and oxyacetylene torches.

Furthermore, the Centurion round doors are certified as Class 3 by UL in accordance with UL 608, which is a global standard for burglary resistant vault doors and modular panels. The Round door has undergone additional testing to resist attack from diamond core-drill bits.

Maximum security for your strong rooms, combining prestige with a modern design

  • Gunnebo-icon certified
    Certified protection

    Round vault door in Grades X-XII to protect against burglary, fire, physical attack

  • Gunnebo-icon lock options
    Lock options

    A series of high-security locking options (key lock, combination lock and electronic locks) is available

  • Gunnebo-icon customisation

    The round door comes fully prepared for a vault wall installation. Door hinge positions (left or right) can be specified

UL testing

Watch Gunnebo's iconic round vault door undergo a UL 608-Class 2 resistance test to withstand severe break-in attacks, succeeding to even reach a Class 3 certification

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Key Specifications

  • Certifications: Certified by ECB•S according to EN 1143-1 in Grade X-XII and by UL according to UL 608 Class 3


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