Certified, electronic high-security locking system for safes, vaults and doors

The "distributed system" for state-of-the-art lock logistics

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Certified security, with a user-friendly interface

KelNet-DS is the first electronic high-security locking system worldwide that has been certified at the highest possible security level for data communication, plus being able to outsource the process of authorisation check-ups to a central software application. In this, it is not required that the lock itself stores any information about users, PIN codes or potential opening hours.

  • Security
    Outstanding, certified security

    The first electronic lock certified in accordance with EN 1300 for distributed systems as it ensures the highest level of safety because neither the PIN or a remote opening command is transmitted.

  • User-friendly
    Centrally controlled access permissions

    There is no administration at the lock itself. If access permissions or times change, this is simply adjusted via the central software in the control centre.

  • Response time
    Improve response times

    Security administrators can check the status of individual locks in real time to quickly identify technical issues and significantly reduce response times.


The user starts their online opening request at the KelNet-DS lock by entering their ID. The central software platform, SafeControl Manager, then immediately checks whether the user is authorised to open the lock at this particular time.

If this is the case, the management software automatically generates an online certificate that is only valid for this specific user and transfers the certificate to the requesting lock. The user then enters a personal PIN, the one-time certificate is activated and the lock opens. 


The entire administration of all locks, users and authorisation processes is controlled centrally. The authorisation check-up is executed via a fully automatized process. Thereby any changes in the authorisation do not have to be manually sent to the lock, but take effect immediately. 


Even in comparison to the current one-time code (OTC) procedure, there are clear advantages. With KelNet-DS, no OTC has to be sent to authorised staff, who then would have to enter the codes manually. This leads to major time savings and a higher security standard. So far, no other product has received a comparably high standard of security certification.

KelNet video
KelNet secures safe deposit cabinets

Evelin Ullrich, Organisational Director at the Volksbank Pirna is convinced of KelNet-DS. Watch how KelNet is used for securing their safe deposit cabinets.

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Key Specifications

  • Certifications: ECB•S (Grade B, C, D Distributed Systems), A2P (Grade B, C, D Distributed Systems) and VdS (Class II, III and IV)

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