Laptop Security Cabinet

Protect laptops and tablets against theft

Certified secure storage of laptops and tablets with active cooling option so the devices can be charged without supervision

Secures laptops and tablets and prevents unauthorised access and theft

Keeps sensitive equipment secure when not in use

Certified security construction utilising 4mm steel – Standard SS 3492

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Secure and efficient storage of laptops and tablets

  • Gunnebo-icon efficient storage
    Efficient storage

    Charge laptops and tablets while storing them secure

  • Gunnebo-icon certified protection
    Certified protection

    Tested and certified burglary protection according to standard SSF 3492

  • Gunnebo-icon control temperature
    Control temperature

    A thermostatted ventilation unit can be installed to control the temperature


Key Specifications

  • Certification: Tested and approved in accordance with Swedish standard SS 3492
  • Fittings: Customisable interiors, choose from shelves, laptops / tablets holders for standing storage, power outlets and power rails
  • Cooling: Active cooling option available, so equipment can be charged without supervision
  • Sizes: Available in 5 sizes, holding from 16 to 64 laptops or 24 to 80 tablets


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