• Automated Safe Deposit Lockers
      Automated Safe Deposit Lockers

      Automated self-service systems based on robotised technology that takes safe deposit lockers to a new level

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      Mechanical Safe Deposit Lockers

      Safe deposit lockers with manual or electronical locking options, offering high protection for valuables

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      Strong Rooms

      High-security enclosures for business valuables to guarantee protection against burglary, fire or explosives

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      Vault Doors

      High-security vault doors for business valuables to guarantee protection against burglary or explosives

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      High-Security Locks

      Electronic locks for safes, strong rooms and vault doors to provide maximum protection

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      High-Security Server Cabinets

      A range of cabinets which protects sensitive IT equipment from attack

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      Safes and Security Cabinets

      Graded safes, fire-resistant cabinets, deposit safes and storage cabinets for the home and the office

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      Secure and efficient storage with self-service safe deposit lockers, ATM safes, modular vaults and deposit safes

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      High-Risk Industry

      Solutions to ensure physical protection and prevent sabotage and cyber attacks

    • Retail

      A complete offering of cash safes, deposit safes and security cabinets with different levels of protection

    • Home and Residential
      Home and Residential

      Solutions designed to prevent a burglary of smaller, easily transportable items, such as jewellery, car keys, passports, ID cards and other documents relating to an identity

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    • Private Investors
      Private Investors

      State-of-the-art safe deposit locker systems that implement the most modern authentication technology, thus safeguarding access to highly secure, stored valuables and documents

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      Pharmaceutical Industry

      Solutions to secure controlled drugs and special medication that need to be safely stored in strong rooms or security cabinets

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SafeLock GSL

Three lock models in one lock: The SafeLock GSL 1000

An incredibly flexible, high-security electronic lock, which can be used as a stand-alone unit, as a lock using one-time codes or as part of a network.


Product features and advantages

  • Gunnebo-icon-M-114
    Certified Security

    Independently tested and approved by ECB•S, VdS and A2P to guarantee a high level of security.

  • Gunnebo-icon-M-015
    Modular Design

    With SafeLock GSL you are not tied to any lock strategy thanks to its modular design.

  • Gunnebo-icon-M-040
    Reliable Technology

    Motor-driven lock bolt with standard measurements for easy retrofit and durable components for longevity.

  • Ease of use

    A large, clear display with common-sense icons makes operation quick and self-explanatory for any user. Keypad and display are illuminated.

  • Online Monitoring

    VdS-compliant IP administration and online monitoring of lock events.

Versatile application possibilities

There are almost no limits to the use of SafeLock GSL. Regardless of whether you want to secure ATMs, deposit machines, transfer safes, safes, strongrooms or even airlocks and filing cabinets, SafeLock GSL offers you an optimal and at the same time certified solution due to its diverse possibilities.

SafeLock GSL is a consistent evolution of our solutions for high-security locks. Highest flexibility in user and authorisation settings, schedules and the connection to external systems, such as burglar alarm systems, allow you to implement complex requirements quickly and easily.

Product Description

SafeLock GSL 1000 is an incredibly flexible, high-security electronic lock which can be used as a stand-alone unit, as a lock using one-time codes or as part of a network. This innovative range is designed to offer just the right solution to suit your particular requirements – be it as a retailer who needs to accommodate multiple lock users with the minimum of fuss, as a CIT company in need of easy code management and route planning, or as a bank which has to have control over a network of electronic locks.

Extreme Versatility
As your needs change, so can the lock. A stand-alone lock can easily be integrated into your security system or become part of a wider network of locks. Control can also be scaled up and centralised through remote, online management.

The standard level of security can be enhanced with the addition of a fingerprint reader.

Efficient Data Access
The lock is equipped with a USB interface that can be used to download the audit trail or even to upload changes to the lock configuration.

Innovative One-Time Code Management
Unique to GSL 1000, mobile technology can be used for OTC distribution and access management.


Key Specifications

  • ECB•S and A2P Certifications: Grade B and C
  • VdS Certifications: Class II and III

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