SafeStore 2000C

Secure, high-quality safe deposit lockers

Storage for valuables that adapts to your space, with appealing design features

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SafeStore 2000C is a modern safe deposit locker system with attractively designed, permanently beautiful and highly secure lockers

  • Gunnebo electronic monitoring
    Electronic monitoring

    Software connection of the locks, which enables electronic pre-unlocking to individual, electronically released compartments

  • Gunnebo compartment
    Every compartment in focus!

    The electronic pre-unlocking only acts on the released compartment. Any forced opening triggers an alarm

  • Interchangeable lock
    Unique interchangeable lock system

    Certified according to EN 1303:2005, in the highest class for lock security and attack resistance

  • Attractive design
    Attractive design

    Flexible colour scheme for seamless integration into customer room interiors. High-quality powder coating for durable, beautiful finishes

A safe deposit locker system that flexibly adapts to room specifications

SafeStore 2000C is available in three models with heights of 1720 mm, 2020 mm and 2220 mm. For other requirements, SafeStore 2000C can also be manufactured in customised heights. Smaller heights from 50 mm to 600 mm are also available for applications in larger safes.

The design: Permanently beautiful surfaces

The SafeStore 2000C series is available as a high-quality designed safe deposit locker system in any RAL colour. The flexible colour scheme allows the locker system to meet any design specification so that it integrates seamlessly into the interior design of locker rooms while ensuring an overall attractive customer experience.

Unique interchangeable lock system

SafeStore 2000C safe deposit lockers are equipped with a manual and an electronic lock as standard and are designed for a connection to the SafeControl Store locker management software. The manual lock is a unique interchangeable lock system that allows replacement without damaging the locker door and provides revision security in the event of a lost key.

SafeControl: The innovative locker management software

SafeStore 2000C safe deposit locker systems can be electronically locked with the innovative SafeControl Store locker management software. The electronic lock for each locker is connected to the SafeControl Store software, which immediately triggers an alarm if an attempt is made to tamper with or break open the locker. In addition, all events are recorded in an audit trail.
Electronic monitoring: Each compartment in focus! The electronic pre-unlocking only works on the released compartment. This means that any other locker within the same column - even with the correct customer key - cannot be opened. No force can be transmitted to the bolt with an incorrect key. Without electronic release, the mechanically reinforced locking system prevents opening - even with the correct key. Any forced opening of a compartment that is not electronically released will trigger an alarm. All electronic components are located inside the protected safe deposit locker column.
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Introduction to SafeStore 2000C

Discover the SafeStore 2000C safe deposit lockers range

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Key Specifications

  • Models: available in three models column with heights in 1720 mm, 2020 mm and 2220 mm, others upon request
  • Lockers: Single locker columns is standard, double width locker columns are available for large safe storage rooms
  • Cassette: The standard cassette is made of soft fibre material with gold anodised edging for efficient utilisation of the locker’s volume. The cassette is standard for all locker heights up to 300mm.


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