Control access to highly secured areas

Access control unit, designed to protect your high-security self-service lobby, including safe deposit lockers and cash depositing services

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Protect your self-service facilities requiring higher security

  • Gunnebo-icon-M-015
    Flexible and adaptable

    Designed to perfectly bring your access control up-to-date

  • Gunnebo-icon-M-069
    Improve security

    Know who is in your facility, manage their level of access and meet regulatory compliance objectives.

  • Gunnebo-icon-M-135
    Implement with minimal cost

    Fully integrates with existing safe deposit systems

User interface features
  • SafeT is highly user-friendly, and features many user interface options to integrate seamlessly into your secure areas:
  • Choice of classic keypad or touchscreen
  • Capability in any language, including Chinese and Cyrillic alphabets
  • Artificial voice guidance, compliant with the industry standard for people with disabilities
Technology features Next generation technology ensures you are ready to meet today's high demands. SafeT comes with an interactive touch screen interface, a hybrid card reader (magnetic stripe and chip), EMV® compliance and/or biometric verification.
User interface features
  • SafeT comes in several different configurations, so it can easily integrate into any bank branch or high security self-service lobby:
  • It can be installed both indoors and outdoors, horizontally or vertically
  • Flexibility to adjust to bank security procedures
  • Can be set up to read magnetic stripe and/or memory chip
  • Can be adapted to the bank's specific cards and security levels
  • RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and other custom solutions are also available
Seamless upgrade features SafeT has been designed to allow seamless upgrading of existing access control installations, so you can update your self-service lobby access control without updating your whole system. It can be integrated with any Gunnebo safe deposit locker system, such as SafeStore Auto, or with many other products available on the market.



  • Indoor installation - One module: card reader with touchscreen
  • Indoor installation - Two modules: card reader with touchscreen and keypad or fingerprint reader
  • Indoor installation - Three modules: card reader with touchscreen, keypad and fingerprint reader
  • Outdoor installation - One module: card reader with screen TFT and special outdoor adaptation

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