Ensure a hygienic environment in any self-service area

State-of-the-art, software-controlled disinfection technology that sterilises the air and surfaces in private rooms of self-service areas before granting access to another person, controlled via the SafeT access control unit

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Effective disinfection of self-service areas

The SafeStore Auto dispenser unit is installed in an access-controlled self-service lobby. In these rooms, customers can safely interact with their valuables. This involves touching surfaces, operating biometric sensors, but also inhaling the exhaled air of the previous customer. Particularly during a pandemic, there is a need for effective disinfection. The extremely effective, software-controlled disinfection system ensures that your customers freely visit your premises without fear and experience a good feeling – due to effective disinfection of the room air and surfaces.

A seamless integration into a SafeStore Auto solution to ensure a hygienic environment in the self-service area

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    High degree of disinfection

    The disinfection system neutralizes viruses, bacteria and micro-organisms by producing synthetic negative and positive ions on solid, liquid and gas surfaces, to a sterilisation degree of 99.9%

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    Software-controlled system

    By integrating the control of the disinfection system into the software of the SafeT ACU, the access-controlled lobby door is only opened again when the specified disinfection times have been adhered to

  • Choice of 3 models of different sizes

    There are three versions of the disinfection unit with differing sizes and performance capacity, which can be chosen according to the desired disinfection time in conjunction with the size and design of the lobby

How does it work? The technology uses special tubes that take oxygen molecules from the air and convert them into charged atoms. These then cluster around microparticles, surrounding and deactivating harmful substances like airborne mould, bacteria, allergens and viruses. They also attach to expelled breath droplets and dust particles that can transport viruses, enlarging them so they're more easily caught in filters. It's a highly effective, constantly active process that provides continuous disinfection.
  • Seamless integration into a SafeStore Auto solution to ensure a hygienic environment in the lobby area
  • Software-controlled system, connected to SafeT access control card reader unit
  • Strategic competitor differentiation through the provision of an even more secure customer experience
  • Anticipation of future safety regulations
  • Implementation of a tested and proven technology
  • Simple and uncomplicated installation, or retrofitting and upgrading of existing SafeStore Auto installations


Key Specifications

  • Max. Disinfection Area: Size L – 26 m2; Size M – 18 m2; Size S – 15 m2
  • Dimensions (mm): Size L – 150 x 260 x 55; Size M – 115 x 260 x 55; Size S – 105 x 185 x 80
  • Net Weight (kg): Size L – 1.35; Size M – 1.15; Size S – 1.00
  • Power Requirements: Power supply 12V DC / 1.5A DC; Consumption 15 W
  • Fan Airflow Volume: Standard Speed 3,000 rev/min; 226080 cm3/min; max 30 db for all 3 models
  • Operating Conditions: 10-40 °C and 10-75% rel. humidity


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