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High-security locks

Electronic lock for safes, strong rooms and vault doors to provide maximum protection

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At the heart of protection

Locks are central to security for safes, vaults and doors – providing the technology to help you access your valuables with ease, while also preventing unauthorised access. From mechanical locks to electronic solutions, they offer a high level of security and customisation.

Your safety under lock and key

Designed to match your security needs while taking into account the storage unit where the locks are installed, the location of the installation and the budget, customers can choose from the following options:

• mechanical locks with a key
• mechanical codes with the same code given to all users
• electronic locks allowing for multiple users
• high-security electronic locking systems, enabling one-time-codes, remote management and encrypted communication of data transmission

A legacy of security

Gunnebo’s legacy is built on a longstanding tradition of developing high-security locking systems across the entire product lifecycle – from design and production to maintenance  –  through our leading safes brands, such as Chubbsafes.

Reliable and long-lasting technologies

The latest identification and reading technologies using increasing digitisation to enable sophisticated encryption, ensure the integrity of data transmission and prevent unauthorised access, falsification, or alteration of data.

The benefits of Gunnebo's locking systems

  • Choice of lock types
    A choice of lock types

    A wide variety of locks, including mechanical key and combination locks, time-dependent locks, electronic locks and locking systems

  • Certified high-security locks
    Certified to standards for high-security locks

    Independently tested for their resistance, reliability and protection against multiple types of attacks

  • Cutting edge technologies
    Cutting-edge technologies and materials

    From the management of multiple sites and remote control to identification alternatives and encrypted communications


Certified, electronic high-security locking system for safes, vaults and doors

The "distributed system" for state-of-the-art lock logistics


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