High-security server cabinets

High-security server cabinets

A range of cabinets which protects sensitive IT equipment from attack.

Protect your IT systems from attack

IT equipment at critical infrastructure and other high-risk sites is a prime target for an increasing number of security threats:

  • Emission security
    Emission security

    Collection of the emissions generated by electronic equipment

  • Espionage

    Connection to the IT servers and extracting the information or interpretation of the signals using specific software

  • Sabotage

    Disabling of servers and other electrical equipment for financial or strategic gain

  • Artificial events
    Artificial events

    Risk of devastating consequences for IT systems caused by nuclear devices or electronic generators

  • Natural events
    Natural events

    Radiation created by thunder and lightning that can render electrical and electronic equipment permanently useless

Protecting IT systems in the digital era

In addition to natural events, human error and technical failure, critical infrastructures and high-security sites have to face a diversity of external threats including attacks by electromagnetic pulses (EMP), which criminals, terrorists and other destabilising agencies can use to disable servers and other electrical equipment. Access to sensitive data can have catastrophic implications. Protecting it physically is more important now than ever.

Electromagnetic pulse radiation: an ever-present threat

Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) radiation is both a natural and man-made phenomenon that can have devastating consequences for IT systems. Whether created naturally by lightning, or artificially by nuclear devices and electronic generators, high-energy EMP radiation can render electrical and electronic equipment permanently useless. Learn more about electromagnetic pulse radiation by reading our free guide

The Secure-IT storage concept

Developed closely alongside a European government agency, the Secure-IT range of secure cabinets for IT equipment provides servers and data with an extremely high level of protection, reducing vulnerability and ensuring service continuity.

Developed for security and business-critical IT resources

The Secure-IT cabinets are used to guard against threats to critical infrastructure in sectors including governmental institutions, telecommunication industries, embassies, defence facilities and even mobile command centres for combat units.

The benefits of Secure-IT

  • Secured from extraction
    Secured from extraction

    Data interception is blocked through both active and passive shielding

  • Secured from espionage
    Secured from espionage

    Cabinet access is controlled with a high-security electronic lock to prevent physical connection to the server

  • Secured from electromagnetic pulse
    Secured from electromagnetic pulse

    The faraday effect of the cabinet protects against high-intensity electromagnetic pulse emissions, whether of natural or man-made origin

  • Secured from electronic infomation gathering
    Secured from electronic information gathering

    Radio frequency-shielded to prevent from listening and interpreting server emissions

  • Certified to resist physical threats
    Certified to resist physical threats

    Certified according to the Scandinavian security norm SS 3492 to protect against burglary attacks

Secure-IT Level 3 EMP

High level security cabinets for the new age of threats

Secure physical protection for IT equipment and proprietary information against electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attacks

Secure-IT Level 3 EMP

Secure-IT Level 3

Protect critical IT equipment against intrusion

Plug-and-play security cabinets to ensure that IT servers, including data and hardware are not accessible to unauthorised people

Secure-IT Level 3

Secure-IT Level 2

High level security for IT servers

Security cabinets designed to provide physical protection against intrusion, manipulation and wilful damage

Secure-IT Level 2

Laptop Security Cabinet

Protect laptops and tablets against theft

Certified secure storage of laptops and tablets with active cooling option so the devices can be charged without supervision

Laptop Security Cabinet

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