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Compact self-service safe deposit boxes for always on-availability

Free up staff time

User-friendly self-service, no staff required

Drive higher revenue

24/7 accessibility allows you to increase locker rental fees

Increase usage rates

Attract a wider customer base, with 24/7 easy access

Ideal for small and medium sized spaces or temporary locations, the compact design easily integrates into your existing space. It’s also the ideal solution for small and narrow self-service areas.

Next-generation automated technology retrieves the locker compartment with no assistance required from staff, at any time of the day or week.

Advanced customer identification features, so that security is always assured.

The interactive user interface and card reader are as easy to use as an ATM, making it a fully self-service system, for your customers to access their valuables 24/7.

  • Customisation features
  • Customised solution to work for you, whatever your space:
  • Choose from two different sizes (1920 mm or 2650 mm)
  • Three different locker heights are available
  • Select the number of locker compartments to best fit your space, from 51 to 101
  • Specify the terminal’s colours and materials, to ensure it will integrate with your existing environment

Quick to install. If you need to move it, this plug-and-play system is also designed to be easy and quick to install in another location.

Enhanced access for people with a disability, thanks to the ergonomic touchscreen.

Identify product details quickly and easily via a unique QR code that can be read using a free, dedicated app. Gain fast access to features like manufacturing date, product ID, order reference and certification


Key Specifications

  • Sizes: 2 different sizes and 3 different locker heights available
  • Compartments: From 51 up to 101 storage locker compartments
  • Weight: 3,100kg or 4,200kg
  • Dimensions (in mm): 1920H x 800W x 2220D or 2650H x 800W x 2220D
  • Service maintenance from front
  • Perfect for small and narrow self-service areas, mobile by design