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Centurion high-security strong rooms leverage the latest available technologies to withstand even the most sophisticated attacks.

Flexibility and security in one product

Innovative, lightweight panels for faster and easier installation and mounting

Climate control

Innovative, VdS-approved ventilation system for optimum climate control


A range of reinforced configurations available for additional protection

Grade VI variant upgraded to a higher security level

As part of our ongoing improvement process, the 80mm variant of the Grade VI Centurion Strong Room modules and the 90mm variant of the Grade VI Vault Door have received security upgrades, going from Grade VI to Grade VI-T2 ECB•S certified according to EN-1143-1. During the independent testing process, the vault module and the door are exposed to a series of new, even more sophisticated and powerful tools like a new generation of circular saws and thermal lances to check our product’s ability to resist them. This upgrade guarantees the highest current performance in physical security.

  • Certified EN 1143-1 for burglary protection
  • Certified bolted versions of 80 mm modular panels in Grade V and VI
  • Lightweight modular panels for quick and easy assembly, disassembly and extension
  • Reduced wall thickness for maximised use of space
  • Reinforced structures for additional protection against mechanical and thermal tools
  • Innovative certified ventilation system for optimal climate control
  • Upper and lower cable duct fitted in every panel
  • Variety of certified lock options: key locks, combination locks and high-security electronic locks
  • Exterior finished with steel (optional)
  • Optional grill gate
  • Choice of 9 models ranging from Grades V to XII
  • Identify product details quickly and easily via a unique QR code that can be read using a free, dedicated app. Gain fast access to features like manufacturing date, product ID, order reference and certification


Key Specifications

  • Certifications: Certified by ECB•S according to EN 1143-1 in Grade v-XII. As an option, Grade X-XI is available with diamond drill protection (CD) and Grade XII is available with explosion protection (EX).