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SafeControl Manager is a central, browser-based software portal that allows you to control and manage your network of Gunnebo and non-Gunnebo locker systems.

Customer satisfaction

Get an overview with analysis, insights and comparisons to improve the customer experiences.

Save time

Save valuable staff time by increasing efficient processes with remote and central user administration.

Intelligent software

Complete control and visibility of activity on every site, no matter where in the world they are located.

With SafeControl Manager, all types of safe deposit locker systems can be interconnected – not only the fully automated Gunnebo rental locker system, but also conventional electronic locker systems as well as electronic high-security locks.

  • Browser-based user interface that runs on all major web browsers
  • Can be installed at multiple workstations for a secure and seamless usage
  • Overviews and reports with relevant information, insights and comparisons in real-time
  • Central user administration to define, authorise and remove users and group rights
  • Standardised forms for tenancy agreements, terms and conditions and other documents
  • Smooth payment process with customised fee model which reduces administrative costs
  • Automated troubleshooting workflows via Event Monitoring Centre to detect problems
  • Assign access levels for each member of staff
  • An event history record is stored for each safe locker
  • Revised rights management with remote confirmation according to the 4-eyes principle
  • Highest possible security level to prevent unauthorised access to user data
  • Monitoring of direct manipulation events (Detect Mode)
  • All data are stored in the server database and are available to the overall system
  • Encryption of all security-relevant data

With Gunnebo SafeControl Manager, customers can both feel secure with the safe storage solution and access their valuables with ease. Through analyses and insights, you can identify the customers needs and improve the user experience to reach even higher satisfaction.


Key Specifications

  • Stored administration: Provides a single, non-redundant database of all client data and has a central archive, an audit trail and backup function
  • Secure login: Supports user authentication systems (e.g. Gunnebo SafeT), for access control units with card reader for crypto memory cards, touchpad for PIN cod entry, biometric fingerprint or vein scanner, ID match and optional video recording. Also, two-factor authentication (2FA), one-time password (OTP) in online or flight mode
  • Browser-based performance: Offers improved signature capture functionality using JavaScript, which allows browsers such as MS Edge, Google Chrome, FireFox, MS Internet Explorer 11, Apple Safari etc.
  • Connecting apps: By SafeControl Connect, an API interface for external applications can be made including own customer apps
  • Industry-proved: Approved by ATRUVIA for installation in the agree21 environment and fulfils requirements of the IDW PS 880 auditing standard of S-CONSIT. Also fulfils for the minimum requirements by MaRisk and BAIT
  • Bidirectional and extended communication: Complete connection to OSPlus via Dynamic Interface (DynS) web services
  • GDPR-compliance: An automatic deletion of the recordings, which is compliant to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes place after a programmable period. Customer-specific concepts are possible here