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Secure physical protection for IT equipment and proprietary information against electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attacks.

Secure-IT Level 3 EMP is a range of special server cabinets made of 4 mm thick steel that provides physical protection of IT servers against electromagnetic pulses (EMP) and other physical attacks and is certified according to the Scandinavian security standard SS 3492 for burglary protection.

Protection from electromagnetic pulse attacks

The cabinet’s Faraday effect protects against high-intensity electromagnetic pulses, whether they are of natural or artificial origin.

Protection against data extraction

Data interception is prevented by both active and passive shielding. Access to the server cabinet is secured via a high-security electronic lock to prevent physical connection to the server.

Protection against eavesdropping on server emissions

Radio frequency shielding to prevent eavesdropping on server emissions.

Protect your IT systems from physical attack

IT equipment, such as servers, at critical infrastructure and other high-risk sites is a prime target for an increasing number of security threats.

Shielded connectors for power and fibre optic cables, together with Faraday properties, ensure protection from EMP radiation, a natural and manmade phenomenon with devastating effects on IT systems.

Engineered from solid 4mm special steel, with a 4-way bolt and locks developed for the safes industry, Level 3 cabinets are base-anchored from within to resist unauthorised removal, and built to withstand determined attacks.

Developed in cooperation with a European government and used in public administration and military units around the world.

  • Supplied with high security electronic locks meeting EN 1300 European Standard, minimum Class A. A range of alternative electronic locks are available.
  • Simple code lock, accepts up to 2 individual user codes
  • Locks for 99+ users
  • Event audit reporting
  • Time lock and time delay
  • IP connectivity for remote lock monitoring
  • Choice of two heights and three depths
  • Additional ventilation or connection to an external cooling system
  • Additional power or fibre optic connection points
  • Left-hand door or rear service doors
  • Pull-out server rack is an option, if easier access is needed
  • Three-way strong moving bolt with fixed hinge bolts
  • Fully shielded cable and fibre optic cable points
  • Mounting plate for sensors
  • Inner and outer steel doors
  • Magnetic contact between door and frame for alarm connection
  • Thermostatic control of fan speed
  • Potential equalisation to all contactable and conductive parts
  • Temperature display with temperature sensor alarm
  • Double earthed outlets


Key Specifications

  • Certification: Scandinavian burglary resistance standard SS 3492
  • Racking: For 19″ Servers
  • Server Capacity: 19 and 38 units
  • Air filters: Supplied with air intake/outflow filters
  • Air circulation: Thermostatically controlled
  • Alarm control: Thermal alarm
  • Cable connections: shielded, for both power and fibre optic
  • Doors: Magnetic door contacts