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High Security Electronic Locks

High security electronic locking for safes, strong rooms and vault doors to provide maximum protection

Safe locks are central to security for safe storage solutions, like vault rooms, vault doors or security cabinets – providing the technology to help you access your valuables with ease, while also preventing unauthorised access. Scroll down to learn more about our offer.

Hardware and management solution that combines the advantages of an electronic high-security lock with the logistical and organisational requirements in banks, security companies and service organisations.

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Gunnebo’s legacy of security and safe storage is built on a longstanding tradition of developing electronic high-security locks and locking systems across the entire product lifecycle – from design and production to maintenance. More than 25 years ago, Gunnebo marketed its first electronic safe lock.

Our electronic high-security locks and locking systems are equipped with the latest user authentication and reading technologies using increasing digitisation to enable sophisticated encryption, ensure the integrity of data transmission and prevent unauthorised access, falsification, or alteration of data. Our electronic high-security locks can be used as a standalone device using one-time codes or as part of a network.