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High-Security Server Cabinets

A range of cabinets which protects sensitive IT equipment from attack.

Developed in close collaboration with a European Government Agency, Gunnebo has customised a range of IT server cabinets to meet the increasing demand for IT hardware protection. Designed for both civil and business defence, Gunnebo Secure-IT server cabinets provide security and peace of mind for governmental, security and business-critical resources. Discover our offer on this type of safe storage products here.

Secure physical protection for IT equipment and proprietary information against electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attacks

Product image

Plug-and-play high-security server cabinets to ensure that IT servers, including data and hardware are not accessible to unauthorised people

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High-security server cabinets designed to provide physical protection against intrusion, manipulation and wilful damage

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Companies today face rapidly multiplying, increasingly sophisticated security risks. Even the advanced IT systems that drive global business and underpin our society are susceptible to the latest state-of-the-art threats. As the complexity of our systems grows, so too does our reliance upon them. And when they go down, the consequences can be critical.

The Gunnebo Secure-IT range of cabinets is designed to prevent physical attacks on the servers themselves to ensure that deliberate threats to the security information they contain is banished.