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Vault Doors

High-security vault doors for business valuables to guarantee protection against burglary or explosives

Gunnebo’s safe storage offering includes certified vault doors that provide the highest security and protection against burglary, physical attack and explosives for strong rooms. Discover our product offer below and find the strong room door that fits your business’ needs.

Exceptional lightweight performance without compromising on burglary resistance, designed to equip strong rooms or secure areas in jewellery shops, retail sites or luxury workshops.

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Vault doors which offer exceptional lightweight performance without compromising on burglary resistance, leveraging the latest available technologies to withstand even the most sophisticated attacks.

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Vault doors with certified protection against burglary, diamond-core drill and explosives. In addition, the doors are armoured to provide extra protection and they can be equipped with an alarm system.

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Vault doors with certified protection against burglary and for resistance against powerful diamond-core drill bits (certified by CD classification), both by ECB•S and UL.

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Reinforced protection for cash-counting rooms, archives, storerooms (for weapons, pharmaceuticals), ATM rooms, etc.

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Are you looking for a high security vault door that can protect you from burglary, explosives and drills? Centurion vault doors are the solution: They offer certified protection against burglary (certified by ECB•S) for grades V to XIII. In addition, and upon on request, grades VIII to XIII models provide resistance against powerful diamond-core drill bits (certified by CD classification). As an option, Centurion doors in grades V to XIII are available with EX protection upon request. Next to certified protection, Gunnebo strong room doors are designed to optimise simplicity and accessibility for a solution that is user-friendly and easy to operate.

High security strong room doors

Security at its best

Gunnebo vault doors have undergone testing for resistance against burglary up to explosives. Door frames are armoured to provide extra protection.

Alarm system

The doors are designed to accommodate an alarm system.

Alternative lock options

Gunnebo vault doors can be fitted with a grill gate providing additional security for the main door. It can be accessed via an electric door opener and opened manually or automatically.

Are Gunnebo vault doors certified?

All Gunnebo vault doors are certified against burglary by ECB-S in accordance with the strict EN 1143-1 standard. The round Centurion safe door, in addition to being certified by ECB-S, is also certified by the U.S. certification body UL (Underwriters Laboratories) as Class 3 in accordance with UL 608, the global standard for burglar-resistant vault doors. As part of our continuous improvement process, the 90mm version of the Centurion Grade VI vault door has received a security upgrade to EN-1143-1, increasing the door’s resistance to Grade VI-T2.

What security class and fire protection do Gunnebo vault doors offer?

Gunnebo vault doors in the ModuleGuard range offer resistance to burglary in grades I, II and IV. The Centurion range of vault doors offer resistance against burglary in grades V-XIII. In addition, the Centurion doors in grades VIII-XIII offer additional resistance against powerful diamond core drills. As an option, the vault doors in resistance grade V-XIII are also available with certified protection against explosives on request. The Centurion standard vault door and the “door-in-door solution” in resistance grades V and VI offer fire resistance of up to 120 minutes, as confirmed by a successful test at GRYFITLAB, an independent and accredited test laboratory. The tests were conducted in accordance with the European standards EN 1363-1/2020 and EN 1634-1/2018 for the evaluation of fire resistance and were successfully passed.

What lock types do Gunnebo’s vault doors have?

Gunnebo vault doors are available with a variety of lock options, such as key locks, combination locks, and electronic locks, while all of them are certified according to EN 1300. As standard, Gunnebo vault doors are supplied with a key lock (e.g. Kaba Mauer Primus 70011, class C) and a combination lock (e.g. Kaba Mas LCC LG 1947, class C). However, Gunnebo vault doors can also be optionally equipped with electronic high-security locks, such as KelNet-DS (class B, C, D).

Which is the most suitable vault door for my business?

Gunnebo vault doors are available with certified resistance against burglary in different resistance levels. It should be noted that insurance companies require a certified solution with a certain resistance grade according to the value which requires to be protected to be able to pay out the corresponding insurance sum in the event of a claim. The ModuleGuard range of vault doors from Gunnebo is certified in resistance grades I, III and IV against burglary and offers protection for money processing rooms, archives, storage rooms or ATM rooms. Gunnebo’s Centurion vault door range offers certified burglary resistance in grades V-XIII and is specifically designed to equip strong rooms in banks and financial institutions or security areas in jewellery shops, high-end retail stores, or workshops for luxury products.