Gunnebo Safe Storage

Gunnebo Safe Storage

Protect your valuables and confidential data.
Get peace of mind at home, in transit and at work. 

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High-Security Server Cabinets
High-Security Locks
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Automated Safe Deposit Lockers
Safe Deposit Lockers
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Strong Rooms
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Safe storage for banks


Secure and efficient storage with self-service safe deposit lockers, ATM safes, modular vaults, doors and deposit safes



A complete offering of cash safes, deposit safes and security cabinets for luxury items, with different levels of protection

high-risk industry

High-Risk Industry

Solutions to ensure physical protection and prevent sabotage and cyber attacks

home and residential

Home and Residential

Solutions to secure your valuables at home and when traveling

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Robust and reliable safes for the home and office.

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