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      Secure and efficient storage with self-service safe deposit lockers, ATM safes, modular vaults and deposit safes

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      A comprehensive portfolio of safe storage solutions to protect and store raw materials, semi-finished products and finished luxury items.

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      Solutions to ensure physical protection and prevent sabotage and cyber attacks

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      Solutions designed to prevent a burglary of smaller, easily transportable items, such as jewellery, car keys, passports, ID cards and other documents relating to an identity

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      Pharmaceutical Industry

      Solutions to secure controlled drugs and special medication that need to be safely stored in strong rooms or security cabinets

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      Fully automated and mechanical safe deposit locker systems including the most modern authentication technology

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      Discover the security standards met by Gunnebo safe storage products, guaranteeing that they not only meet our customers’ security expectations but also comply with respective insurance ratings.

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      Familiarise yourself with the independent certification bodies responsible for overseeing the accurate execution of testing and certification procedures for Gunnebo’s safe storage products.

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      Discover how we prioritise sustainability as a core value, establishing rigorous benchmarks for our products, employee working conditions, and the environment we inhabit.

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    • T2 Certification
      T2 Certification

      Explore the updated standard for certifying strong rooms and vault doors, now incorporating more powerful tools to ensure high burglary resistance.

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      Gunnebo Innovation Hub

      In 2021 Gunnebo launched a global Innovation Hub located on the campus of the Universitá degli Studi di Bari Aldo Moro in Bari, Southern Italy.

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  • Insights
T2 certification

T2 Certification

The T2 certification represents a modernization of the EN standard for certifying safe storage solutions like strong rooms and vault doors with exceptional burglary resistance, now adapted to incorporate advanced tooling

burglary testing
T2 burglary resistance tests

In this video, you can witness burglary resistance tests utilising a variety of these advanced tools.


Gunnebo offers a variety of physical security and safe storage solutions, including graded vault doors and modular strong room panels with T2 certification. But what does this mean in practical terms? Independent certification bodies consistently evaluate the effectiveness and applicability of their standards. Staying informed about these updates is crucial, as they may reflect changes in industry practices, technological advancements, or address recently identified safety concerns.

Gunnebo remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering a comprehensive array of top-tier products with the highest standard levels. Our physical security solutions are specifically engineered to endure real-world attack methods. As a result, Gunnebo has actively contributed to the establishment of the European (EN) burglary standards since their inception in the late 1980s. These standards are now applied to a wide range of products under the Gunnebo brand.

As tooling technology continues to advance, certification standards are bound to evolve, and it is our goal to develop products that align with the latest criteria. In April 2019, the European standard for safes, ATM safes, strongrooms, and vault doors (EN 1143-1) underwent an update. Until then, the general specification of burglary tools in EN 1143-1 had remained unchanged. However, the updated document now introduces a new "T2 option" (attack with an amended set of tools) alongside the existing options of "EX" (solid explosive testing), "GAS" (gas explosive testing), and "CD" (additional core drill testing).

It is worth mentioning that the European standardisation groups did not find it necessary to modify the original EN 1143-1 tool list, as current certified products have shown no notable vulnerabilities during real burglary attacks. However, with the availability of new sophisticated tooling to criminals, a decision was made to incorporate an option that allows product evaluation against these new, more powerful burglary tools, in addition to the existing ones.

Tools that underwent testing to attain the T2 certification

Electric disc cutters

The tools utilised in the testing process have been upgraded to become more potent. Previously rated at 800 Watts, they now operate at 1350 Watts. Additionally, the discs feature thinner cutting edges, greater abrasiveness, and significantly improved effectiveness compared to the time when the original test procedures were written.

Hole cutters and circular saws

Carbide-tipped hole cutters and tungsten-tipped circular saws are readily available in DIY stores and can prove highly efficient against older designs. These tools, which were not previously considered, are now explicitly included in the T2 tool list.

Thermal lances

Frequently employed by the film industry to create dramatic visual impact, these tools are a genuine threat when it comes to attacking vault doors and strong rooms. Over time, their effectiveness has only grown, and the list of tools permitted for use has expanded.

Electric building hammers

Impact tools designed for breaking concrete have significantly increased in power, making them more effective against the materials traditionally used in the barriers of vault doors and modular strong room panels. The standard revision now acknowledges this fact, and electric building hammers are incorporated in the testing process for products intended to offer the highest levels of protection.

Products with T2 certification

Centurion Strong room
Centurion SR
Centurion Vault door
Centurion VD