A comment on information in the media about the IT-incident



Stefan Syrén, President and CEO of Gunnebo, comments on recent media reports about the IT-attack. For feedback and comments, please contact us at: faq@gunnebo.com

This Tuesday, Swedish media once again reported on the data breach to which Gunnebo was subjected, and which the company communicated via a press release on 25 August. As Gunnebo already stated at the time, the incident is extremely regrettable.

In the media reporting on Tuesday it is indicated that the company was not aware that data had been copied in the intrusion. However, this information is incorrect. Ever since the data breach was discovered, Gunnebo has worked based on the hypothesis that files may have ended up in the wrong hands, and thus the company decided a few days into the breach to analyze the data on servers around the world. The company has systematically communicated this with affected customers locally. During a later phase, the criminals decided to upload a certain part of Gunnebo's stolen data on the so-called Darknet, also this data set has been further analyzed, which is an ongoing process.

"Of course, we have been aware that files that originate from us are available on Darknet, and we naturally regret that this is the case. Unfortunately, this is exactly how computer criminals work. Therefore, I would like to emphasize that it has never been an alternative for Gunnebo to pay a ransom to have the files deleted. The only way to curb this kind of crime is that the affected organizations do not fall short and pay out ransoms”, said Stefan Syrén, President and CEO, Gunnebo.

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