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Caisse d’Epargne
Roubaix, France
Solution Required
Automated safe deposit lockers
Product Used
Gunnebo SafeStore Auto

"SafeStore Auto offers many benefits to attract our customers"


The Caisse d’Epargne Savings Bank Nord France Europe is part of Banques Populaires and Caisses d’Epargne Group. It has 270 branches in northern France serving 2.1 million customers.

At its Roubaix branch, the bank installed Gunnebo's automated safe deposit locker solution, SafeStore Auto.

Customer Comments:
"We invested in this solution to meet our customers’ expectations who were asking for an innovative safe deposit locker solution," says Frédéric Havret, Marketing & Distribution Manager of Retail Banking at Caisse d’Epargne.

Fréderic Havret also thinks that the offering is perfectly in line with the policy the bank is pursuing – to provide a better service.

"SafeStore Auto offers many benefits to attract our customers. It’s a truly innovative solution with a direct impact on the bank’s image.” The solution ensures total security and complete confidentiality when accessing valuables and does not require the presence of bank staff.

"Our customers now have access to their lockers on extended hours. For us, SafeStore Auto is a modern solution that facilitates the management of service, freeing-up time for employees," continues Fréderic Havret.

This solution is also more economical than a traditional vault and takes up much less room. Fréderic Havret believes that SafeStore Auto is a simple, easy-to-use solution.

"People are accustomed to ATMs and use the SafeStore Auto as an ATM, but with enhanced security and privacy. In addition, the solution can be used by certain clients for much more than a traditional safe deposit box – for example deposit large amounts of cash,” he adds.

Now bank staff has more time to focus on giving advice and selling financial products. To guide its customers through the new system, the bank has run an awareness campaign and held practical demonstrations.

"Their reaction was very positive, because this new concept meets their expectations in terms of opening hours, privacy, innovation, safety and accessibility,” Fréderic Havret concludes.

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