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The Gunnebo Innovation Hub

In 2021, Gunnebo Safe Storage launched a dedicated global Innovation Hub located on the campus of the Universitá degli Studi di Bari Aldo Moro in Bari, Southern Italy. Now fully operational, the Hub marks a major investment in innovation, digitalisation, and product development.

Gunnebo decided to invest in Bari because there is excellent infrastructure for innovation and a vibrant technology community. The Hub brings together a growing team of innovation specialists who have the focus and drive to push the boundaries of valuables protection and support our customers to develop their businesses and solutions.

Their work is focused on the following main areas: remote access and connectivity, authentication technology, IoT cloud platform, and new materials. Throughout these innovation projects there is an overall focus on sustainability in terms of improving the product lifecycle.

For the solutions developed within the Innovation Hub, Gunnebo’s intention is to partner up with specialized companies in the Puglia region, especially in the fields of electronic engineering and electronics production, mechanical and mechatronic engineering, prototyping and 3D-printing, as well as in the field of metal processing, thus impacting positively on the economy of the Puglia Region.

Samuel Salvador, Head of Innovation and Development at Gunnebo, says: “To bring maximum value to our customers, we have challenged ourselves and deliberately chosen a location that is not linked to a specific manufacturing unit, so we can be totally flexible about our innovation focus. By developing the brightest minds within our organisation, and collaborating with cutting edge technology and research from private and public sources here in Italy, we will have an excellent foundation for knowledge gathering and recruitment of new talent. The Bari Innovation Hub will thereby become a repository of innovation skills and experience for the whole of Gunnebo Group.”

Myriam Bevillon, Quality and R&D Director at Gunnebo Safe Storage says: “By investing in the Innovation Hub in Bari, Gunnebo has taken a strong and major decision to invest in the future of its Business Unit Safe Storage. We have now the possibility to investigate in new technologies and disruptive materials. The hub also provides an excellent working environment to attract new talent and incorporate students for fruitful brainstorming and cooperation. As we are looking for more sustainable innovations in the way forward, the Gunnebo innovation hub is the right place to enhance creativity and develop future innovations.”