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Security Standards

Gunnebo subjects all safe storage solutions to rigorous testing for functionality and durability, conducted by globally renowned test institutes. This ensures that our products not only meet our customers’ security expectations but also adhere to insurance standards. Our products undergo testing with the most stringent resistance criteria against burglary, core drills, and explosives.

To achieve optimum efficiency and quality, Gunnebo’s manufacturing processes are constantly being improved, for example by developing new barrier materials that are lighter and more environmentally friendly than other materials normally used in our industry.

Burglary resistance

Strong rooms (also knows as vaults or vault rooms) and vault doors are awarded a grade for burglary resistance. The grading system is important as the contents of a strong room will only be insured for the correct value if the solution holds the appropriate grade. As the insurance ratings differ from a country to another, the insurance details shall always be checked with a local insurance company.

Gunnebo safe storage products meet the conditions of the following European standards:

Strong Rooms and Vault DoorsEN 14450From Grade 0 to Grade XIII
High-Security LocksEN 1300From Class A to Class D

In American markets, the following UL standards apply:

Strong Rooms and Vault DoorsUL 608Class M – ¼ hour
Class 1 – ½ hour
Class 2 – 1 hour
Class 3 – 2 hours

Fire resistance

Some of Gunnebo’s safe storage solutions, such as some vault doors, are also compression tested and fire-resistant. These products are given thermal resistance tests in extreme temperatures to simulate the conditions of a real fire.

Both 90mm variants of the Centurion standard vault door and the Centurion “door-in-door” model, in Grades V and VI, offer fire resistance of up to 120 minutes, as confirmed by GRYFITLAB, an independent and accredited test laboratory. The fire tests were carried out according to the European standards EN 1363-1/2020 and EN 1634-1/2018 for evaluating fire resistance.