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Hardware and management solution that combines the advantages of an electronic high-security lock with the logistical and organisational requirements in banks, security companies and service organisations.

Easy Installation

All existing SafeLocks can be upgraded to SafeLock One.


Increased safety and flexibility at the same time.


User transparency through journalisation.


Key Specifications

  • Lock operation: by means of a one-time valid code
  • User administration: Optional administration of fixed users (49+1), combination of fixed users (49+1) and one-time code (mixed code). No key, card or transponder administration
  • Lock openings: Further openings only after code use or after expiry of the created time window
  • Retrofitting: Can be retrofitted to all safes and strongroom doors
  • Lock-Software connection: No wiring between lock and management system due to patented user administration
  • Multi-client administration: Multi-client capable programme for one-time code generation