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Plug-and-play high-security server cabinets to ensure that IT servers, including data and hardware are not accessible to unauthorised people.

Secure-IT Level 3 is a range of server cabinets made of 4 mm thick steel that provides physical protection of IT servers against intrusion, tampering and wilful damage and is certified according to the Scandinavian security standard SS 3492 for intrusion protection.

Comprehensive, certified protection

Tested by the Swedish Safety Federation (SSF) and certified by the Swedish Society for Fire and Safety Certification (SBSC).

“Plug and Play” configuration

All internal connections and a 19-inch rack are provided on delivery, so no additional set-up is required.

Solid construction made of special steel

Made of solid 4 mm special steel and equipped with a four-way bolt mechanism to prevent physical attacks.

Engineered from solid 4mm special steel, with a 4-way bolt and locks developed for the safes industry, Level 3 cabinets are built to withstand determined attacks.

Tested by the SSF (Swedish Security Association) and certified by SBSC (Swedish Fire and Security Certification).

  • Supplied with a resettable key lock certified to EN 1300 Class A European Standard. A range of alternative electronic locks are available, all meeting the requirements of European Standard EN 1300.
  • Simple code lock, accepts up to 2 individual user codes
  • Locks for 99+ users
  • Event audit reporting
  • Time lock and time delay
  • IP connectivity for remote lock monitoring

Secure-IT cabinets are plug-and-play, with no assembly required. Simply install your server units, then connect power and communication cables. Standard cable entry is via the top, with base entry an option for data centres with raised flooring. Secure-IT cabinets are easily base-anchored from within, to resist unauthorised removal.


Key Specifications

  • Certification: SSF 3492
  • Lock: Tested high-security lock, optionally with key lock or electronic code lock. All locks are tested and certified according to EN 1300 in classes A or B and according to SS 3880.
  • Protection: Burglary protection
  • Accessories: Additional ventilation, connection to an external cooling system, additional cable ducts, left-hinged front door, service door on the rear, 19-inch rack, etc.