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Secure and efficient safe storage with self-service safe deposit box systems, ATM safes, automated lockers, modular strong rooms, vault doors and deposit safes

Private Safe Deposit Operators

Our safe storage offering for private safe deposit operators includes fully automated and mechanical safe deposit box systems with the most modern authentication technology

High-End Retail

Safe storage solutions, like strong rooms, vault doors or safe deposit boxes or automated lockers for upmarket retailers like jewellers or suppliers of exclusive leather goods

Pharmaceutical Industry

Explore our safe storage solutions to secure controlled drugs and special medication that need to be safely stored, like strong rooms, vault doors or security cabinets

High-Risk Industry

Discover our safe storage solutions to ensure physical protection and prevent sabotage and cyber attacks, like strong rooms, vault doors, locking systems or security cabinets

HomeSafe Viper

Home and Residential

A wide range of safe storage solutions under the Chubbsafes brand, such as graded safes, fireproof safes and home safes in different levels of certifications.