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Secure and efficient storage solutions including self-service safe deposit box systems, ATM safes, automated lockers, modular strong rooms, vault doors and deposit safes

Automated Safe Deposit Lockers

Automated self-service locker systems based on robotised technology that takes safe deposit lockers to a new level

High-security Locks and Locking Systems

Electronic safe locks and locking systems for strong rooms, vault doors or security cabinets to provide maximum protection

Mechanical Safe Deposit Lockers

Attractive and robust safe deposit box columns that maximise the use of your vault room space and optimise visiting routines

Strong Rooms

High-security vault rooms for your business valuables to guarantee a maximum of protection against burglary, fire or explosives

Vault Doors

High-security protection through an impenetrable gate for strong rooms, in a particularly light design


Certified fire and burglary resistant safes for the protection of valuables, documents and data

A guide for the banking industry

Examine the challenges that the banking sector face and maximise the opportunities they can create.

A free comparison guide

Review the differences between automated safe deposit boxes and conventional safe deposit box solutions.

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