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Strong room solution, built with exceptionally light-weighted, burglary resistant modular strong room panels and doors

Customisable, modular construction

Constructed by combining at least one vault door with modular wall, floor and ceiling panels

Fast and easy installation

Innovative, lightweight panels reducing transportation cost and enabling a faster and easier installation

Expert project management

Gunnebo experts to assess the constraints of each project, from difficult access to rooms with unusual dimensions and floor-load limitations

Watch this video clip to see how quickly and easily the Centurion lightweight strong room can be installed.

  • Panels are certified as Grade V by the European
  • Certification Board Security Systems (ECB∙S), in accordance with the EN 1143-1 standard
  • Next to the steel reinforcements, the panels contain a newly developed high-strength concrete and wood pieces that allow for a lighter weight and environmentally friendly approach (no use of bitumen or any toxic components)
  • Reduced wall thickness to maximise available space
  • Innovative, ECB∙S-certified ventilation system for optimum climate control
  • Optional planar protection
  • Exterior finished with steel (optional)
  • Combination with Centurion lightweight strong room doors, ECB∙S certified according to EN 1143-1 as Grade V and VI
  • Identify product details quickly and easily via a unique QR code that can be read using a free, dedicated app. Gain fast access to features like manufacturing date, product ID, order reference and certification


Key Specifications

  • Certifications: Strong room panels, certified by ECB•S according to EN 1143-1 in Grade V
  • Net weight: 175 kg/m2
  • Max. panel length: 4000 mm