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Next-generation automated safe deposit boxes enabling deposit or retrieval of precious items at any time and on any day of the week

Free up staff time

User-friendly self-service, no staff required

Drive higher revenue

24/7 accessibility allows you to increase locker rental fees

Increase usage rates

Attract a wider customer base, with 24/7 easy access

The new double row solution: Better application of limited floor space

The double row SSA Maxi has been specifically designed to optimise the use of small surface areas. Not only does it enable a smaller strong room design, it also offers a weight load reduction, achieving both without compromising on the number of available boxes. In a standard, single row set-up, a robot can only collect one deposit box at a time. In a double row solution, two boxes can be collected by one robot. This is fulfilled by stacking the boxes behind one another and linking them with a hook, ensuring this compact block of lockers realises the maximum amount of space efficiency.

How does it work?

When a box is requested, the robot moves to its location and retrieves the first box in the front row. This simultaneously pulls the box from the back row into the front shelf position, as they are connected. Using two robot components mounted on one set of rails, the top robot with the first box moves upwards, allowing the lower robot component to align and pick the second box, from the front shelf position. The robot then transports both boxes to the exit unit, but only the second box is moved into the dispenser.


In a direct comparison, where the same number of safe deposit lockers are made available, but less surface area is used, the following savings are possible:

  • Strong room footprint area reduced by 23%
  • Strong room panel surface area reduced by 23%
  • Weight load reduction by 10%

Not only does this reduce the total overall cost of the project and maintain the safe deposit locker count, it impacts carbon footprint too. By using less strong room panels, requiring less robots

 – thus less materials – lessening the overall solution weight load and lowering logistics costs, the project is also afforded ecological savings.


Key Specifications

  • Highly customisable
  • Sizes: 8 different locker heights available, highly customisable
  • Compartments: From 250 up to 5,000 storage locker compartments
  • Self-service terminals: Up to 4 self-service terminals on multiple floors
  • Certification: VDS – Grade VIII and X; ECB·S – Grade V, VI, VII, VIII, IX & X.
  • Perfect for large self-service areas on multiple floors, including basement and cellar, flexible by design